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How to Effectively Email Market Your Pet Store Franchise

While some people think Facebook, Twitter and social media is the preferred method of communication it is important to note that the majority of business decisions are made through email and in real life. Internet users will often search Google to find what they are looking for but they are not going to communicate with a business on social media. They may ask a basic question on Twitter or Facebook but they are not going to complete a transaction through this mediums. When money is exchanging hands email is the preferred method as Internet users trust Gmail or an email system much more than a social media website.

With this in mind, it is very important to understand how to effectively email market your pet store franchise. The first thing you must do is provide a way for current or potential customers to submit their email address. Some businesses will have a sheet of paper at the counter while others will require an email to complete a transaction. The value of getting an email address is to reach out to customers when it comes to future deals and opportunities. Coupons and discount codes are sent out through email every single day in the retail world.

It is important to understand that Internet users can be overwhelmed with information. To effectively market your products or services it is strongly suggested not to send too many emails. How many emails are too many? That is determined by your audience. If you are a pet store franchise it is very likely the case that one email a day is too many. In fact, one email a week might be the optimal number of emails. To get the most reach with your email marketing it is a good idea to have a consistent schedule. Picking a particular day of the week and time to email every week is usually the most effective way to reach your audience.

With Gmail and other email services working hard to segment types of email it is highly likely that any type of email marketing will go into the “promotions” or “sales” folder. Unfortunately, some Internet users will rarely look in this part of their email. One way to combat this is to send a personalized email instead of a mass email to a large number of users. By sending a personalized email there is a higher likelihood that it will show up in their main inbox. This also shows that particular individual that you appreciate their business and you are not trying to spam them with too many offers.

When looking to get return business to your Splash and Dash pet store franchise it is important to reach out to your customers. Email marketing can be extremely effective when done correctly. If you would like any more tips as it relates to email marketing of your franchise do not hesitate to reach out to us today.