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Is a Dog Daycare Franchise Right for You?

Finding the right franchise to buy is important to your success in the future. The pet industry is one of the best industries because of the booming market. A dog daycare franchise is one of the most common options potential business owners look at. There are a few aspects to consider to determine if this is right for you.

Around the Clock Staff

When it comes to dog day care franchises you will need to have people at the location around the clock to take care of the animals. If you are offering boarding you will need staff around the clock.  More man hours means more money out of your pocket and taken away from your profits.

Permit and Licensing

When you own a pet franchise there are several permits and licenses you will need. This will vary depending on your local laws and regulations regarding this. However when you own a dog daycare franchise you will need to have additional permits to cover the overnight stays for dogs compared to a franchise where you only offer grooming and retail.

Highly Trained Staff Required

Just about any franchise requires you to have employees with a certain level of knowledge, but with dog daycares you need highly trained staff. The employees will need to understand how to properly socialize dogs and walk them. They will have to understand first aid and other aspects. In many cases you need to have  a vet on staff.

Higher Risk

With a dog day care one of the issue you need to be concerned about is the risk. The longer you have a dog the higher the risk of something happening. This means the greater the risk of being sued. Just about any business has some risk but having a higher risk can be troublesome to many business owners.

The Industry

It is important to note that the pet industry is booming, to the tune of $59 billion a year. This is important because you want to make sure that the franchise you buy will make you money. There are studies that have shown that people spend more on their pets than they do on alcohol, going out to eat and even on men’s and boy’s clothing.

What is the Solution?

When looking at these factors, the many downsides to dog day care franchises may discourage you. The good news is dog daycares are not the only option for pet franchises.

Splash and Dash Dog Groomerie & Boutique is a unique franchise opportunity that is revolutionizing the pet industry. This can offer you many great features such as:

  • The lowest franchise fee in the pet industry
  • Recurring revenue with the signature bath service
  •  A support staff that will help you with the whole process of owning your own business.

These are just a few of the benefits you will have as a franchise owner. Take a few minutes to learn more about Splash and Dash and see why it is the best alternative to dog daycare franchises.