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Customer Retention Strategies You Need to Know

As a grooming business owner it is important to have regular customers. These help to keep your business going. Turning new customers into regular customers is an area where many owners have difficulties. This is why it is helpful to know these customer retention strategies.


Be the Industry Expert

As a grooming business owner, you should be an authority in the pet industry. When your customers have questions about dog food, games to play with their pets or other similar aspects of pet ownership, you should be able to give them the information they need. This means you need to always be learning about your industry. Even if you cannot give them the exact answer, you should at least know the best resource for them.

Build a Relationship with Your Customers as the Grooming Business Owner

While obviously you cannot take the time to have long winded conversations with every person that walks through the door. However, you and your staff have the ability to go above and beyond for your customers. Sometimes a cheerful attitude and offering assistance can help to start the relationship with your customers. Try to find ways that you can help them. Whether this is educating them on the options for haircuts for their dog or simply taking the items they purchase to their car, these are things that will stick with them after they leave.


Make Their Experience as Fun and Easy as Possible

No one likes to go to a store where the service is long and miserable. This is why you should find ways to make the visit easier on your customers. Use technology to your advantage to make checkout processes easier. Even just stocking the store in a logical order can help your customers and make the visit smoother. As a grooming business owner you want to evaluate the experience your customers have so you can find ways to improve upon this method. Also, make sure you are providing excellent customer service that will make people want to come back.


Don’t Forget About Social Media 

This is an excellent way to build your audience as well as communicate with your customers. You will be able to get feedback on services and can even drive in new business with marketing techniques. Just make sure you are engaging your fan base, not just using this as a way to get your company’s name out there.  There are many ways you can build your fan base online.


Schedule Their Next Appointment at Checkout

One of the biggest mistakes a grooming business owner can make is not setting the next appointment. Make sure you are assuming the sale though by asking when they would like to book rather than if they would like to book their next grooming. This can help to bring them in again and again.