Corporate Visits West Coast Shops

Last Month, March 5-13th CEO, Dan Barton, and special project manager, Andrew Shaffer, headed out west to the golden state of California to support franchise shops. On the way back to corporate headquarters the team also stopped at the Meridian shop in Idaho.


“The trip was really productive,” said Barton. “We got a lot of work done and had some laughs.”


The first stop on the itinerary was in Pasadena to observe the future location for new franchisee Charles Edgar. The shop’s build out is in motion and construction is due to begin in the next 30 days. Congrats Pasadena!


After Pasadena, the team headed over to the Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego to check some unique merchandising displays. New franchise shop owner, Montana Lipton, has found a way to merchandise collars encircling a dog food rack. This saves space with an appealing look. Lipton also displays Stella and Chewy treats on a freestanding rack with the same result.


Next up was Mark Levy over in La Verne. Mr. Levy has been with the company as a licensee for eight years and just recently made the transition to a full franchisee. Levy recognized the importance to convert and corporate visited for commendation and to ensure all logistics are running smoothly.  “I felt quite honored to be recognized in this way,” Mark tells us, speaking on his recent ribbon cutting ceremony.


On the way back to Florida the team headed to Idaho to visit Natalie Dufek at her shop in Meridian. Corporate helped with re-merchandising the store to help support boosted sales and increase the average ticket.