Five Things to Look When Choosing a Pet Store Franchise

When you want to own a business, it is important that you choose the right one. There are many pet franchises that you can choose from. By understanding some of the aspects to consider you will know which pet franchise is right for what you are looking for.

The Industry

When selecting the right pet store franchise it is important to look at the industry. You want to choose an industry that is booming because this means more chances for you to make money. For instance, a pet franchise is a great choice because the pet industry is a $59 billion a year industry. The idea is to make sure that there is a market for what you will be doing.

The Demand

You will also want to look at the demand of the pet store franchise. To do this you want to know not only how much revenue the industry is generating but the local demand for this. You will want to look for the stats for your local area. Do not be scared off by having a significant amount of competition. Finding a unique opportunity in the industry will separate your business from your competition.

The Amount of Money You Want to Invest

An important aspect of buying a pet franchise is to know how much you can invest. There are pet franchises, such as Splash and Dash that do not require a huge investment. You should never put all your capital into the franchise fee as there are many other expenses you will have. Make sure you have funds left over to handle surprise expenses.

What the Franchise Offers

You want to understand what you are buying into with the pet store franchise. Finding one that offers a proven marketing strategy with plenty of support will put you further ahead than going with a pet franchise that offers very little support. You should look for a pet franchise that offers you training and one on one support to ensure you are successful.


Unique Service or Product

One of the worst things you can do is choose a pet store franchise that is run of the mill. If there is nothing that sets it apart from your competition, you will find it difficult to get the sales you need to make your goals.  The best thing you can do is to go with one that has something uniquely different from the others in the market.


Splash and Dash is a great example of this. The signature bath service allows customers to pay a flat rate to bring their pets in as many times as they want throughout the month. This is not only something customers want, but it is a great sales tool. It gives the business recurring revenue and the more frequent the visits, the more sales opportunities there are.

Owning a Grooming Franchise Doesn’t Have to be Scary

One of the biggest aspects that holds people back when it comes to owning their own business is fear. This is a major reason for people to choose a franchise as it is a business that is already established. When you choose the right grooming franchise you have the peace of mind to know you are making the right decision. There are a few ways that Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique can take the fear out of business ownership.

Financial Security

What sets Splash and Dash for dogs apart from the competing grooming franchise is we have a signature bath service. With this, customers are billed monthly for the service to wash their dogs. This means you are receiving continual income from these clients and increased traffic. It is a proven business model that is successful for generating monthly revenue.


Another aspect that scares people with owning a grooming franchises is that they will not know what they are doing. With the Splash and Dash University you will get the training you need to know how to run the business correctly as well as training for your employees.

Marketing is Built in

Marketing is the life blood of any business. This is why you need to ensure the marketing plan is successful. Unless you have a business or marketing degree you will find that this is a very difficult task that will require years of trial and error to perfect. When you choose a grooming franchise you will have a marketing plan that has already been tried and tested. Having this in place can set your business for success right from the beginning.

We’re Partners

The biggest thing to keep in mind when looking at pet store franchises is one that will stand behind you. Having support throughout the entire process is essential to your success, which is why you need to choose a company that can offer this to you. When you choose Splash and Dash grooming franchise, you will have a partner that will help you with the business, whether it is to learning how to hire the right team, market your services, create promotions or other aspects of the business. Give us a call today at 888-815-2284 ext. 301. In just a couple minutes you can learn about the unique franchise opportunity that Splash and Dash for Dogs has to offer.