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Autauga County Alabama Cheap Pet Franchise for Sale in 2015

Autauga County is located just west of Montgomery with the county seat being Prattville. Many of those living in Alabama know of Autauga County for their many parks. These parks include Wilderness Park, Cooters Pond Park, Pratt Park, Swift Creek Park, Newton Park, Spinners Park, Heritage Park, and Overlook Memorial Park. Parks are a great place to take a dog or family pet to enjoy an afternoon or evening. With Autauga County being quite rural containing much open land it stands to reason that a pet store and grooming franchise would be successful. Splash and Dash currently offers franchise opportunities in this part of Alabama. 


Demographics of Autauga County, Alabama

Unlike some other parts of the south, notably Texas, Autauga County is not growing at a rapid pace. That said, from 2000 to 2010 the county saw the population skyrocket by 25%. The population grew in the last three years has been around 1.1% compared to the state average of 1.2%. There are just over 55,000 people residing in the county with a median household income of $53,773. The median household income in Autauga County is significantly higher than the Alabama state average ($43,160).

A unique aspect of Autauga County, Alabama is the homeownership rate. The homeownership rate is at 77.7% which means almost four out of every five adults own a home rather than rent an apartment or home. This likely means that a large majority of people also have a front and backyard. Pets love to roam around the yard, but unfortunately this gets them very dirty. A dog grooming franchise is extremely valuable in these types of rural areas. If you would like to know more about buying into a pet store franchise in 2015 or beyond do not hesitate to reach out to us at 1-760-861-1071.

How to Evaluate the Best Franchise in Alabama

Before looking for a franchise for sale, many potential franchisees will want to know how to evaluate a franchise. Questions about financing the franchise come up quickly. Whether a franchisee will be using a local community bank or a large national bank like Wells Fargo they are going to have to come up with an amount of money to get the franchise off the ground. Unfortunately, many people do not have access to $100,000 or $200,000 in the form of a small business loan. If one’s credit score is under 650 they may not be able to quality for a loan for $50,000.

Fortunately, Splash and Dash offers franchise opportunities for under $60,000. This means a franchisee will not have to take out a second mortgage just to get their hands on the money to start the business. It is also the case that Splash and Dash will help greatly from the corporate level. Rather than being in competition with other Splash and Dash owners you will be able to work with them to better use tactics that are successful when it comes to getting more business.

Entrepreneurs in the state of Alabama are often looking for a turnkey type franchise that is not going to take years to start and build. We will also be happy to field your phone call to discuss the potential of opening a pet grooming store in Alabama.

Tips for Buying a Franchise in 2015

With many people looking to get into the dog grooming or “fido” industry it comes as no surprise there are a few options available. What makes Splash and Dash unique is the opportunity to get the business running at an inexpensive price. The price tag for other franchises can be as high as $250,000. This means the franchisee will be paying off the business loan for decades. Rather than having to take out a business loan for more than your home is worth it is sometimes a wise decision to choose a franchise that can help you see profits for a price under $75,000.

With the Internet offering so much information today it is strongly suggested that potential franchisees look at multiple options. We would love to speak with you about your intentions. Call us at 1-760-861-1071 and we can more clearly explain why Splash and Dash is unique. We can also give you a few tips when it comes to financing or the initial three months of starting your own business. Coming up with the proper location can be hard for some. With the zip codes 36003, 36006, 36066, 36067, 36068, and 36749 all being populated with potential customers it is smart to look at many other factors including population density, real estate/rental costs, and impressions from major interstates or roads.

The major highways in Autauga County are I-65, US-31, US-82, SR-14, and SR-143. It never hurts to determine the number of drivers that travel on these particular roads on any given day. Location is extremely important when it comes to business and having cars and trucks drive by your location could help you increase total revenues by simply being known. For more on this and much more reach out to us today.