Aspects Most Pet Franchises Never Think of Opening Year

Have you recently bought a franchise or are considering it? Chances are you have a ton of questions about how things work and what you should be doing There are a million different articles out there giving you 10 tips to be more successful or 6 ways you can boost your revenue. While these are important as you are basing your future on the new franchise you have opened, there are a few things you still need to consider. Here are some things we think you need to remember with pet franchises.


Make Time for Your Health

There is a saying, “If you don’t make time for health you will have to make  time for illness.” Just because you are a business owner doesn’t mean you can forget about your health and wellness. Make time to go to the doctor, pay attention to issues you are having, and still make time to exercise and eat right (at least some of the time- no one can be super healthy all the time). Many times owners of pet franchises don’t mean to neglect their health, they just get caught up in the day to day activities of the store. So make sure you don’t fall into this trap.


Be Willing to Admit What You Don’t Know

Just because you are starting a business does not mean you know it all. Even the most skilled entrepreneurs do not know everything about pet franchises when they first start out. You need to take stock of what you know and what you don’t so you can learn more. This may be a humbling experience but it is one that is necessary to help your dog grooming business.


Have Time to Yourself

When you own a pet franchise it is easy to let it consume you. Even if you are taking days off you may still find yourself calling to check in or working on spreadsheets and doing the books for the business. Before you know it your vacations will turn into long marketing strategies for your franchise. While your shop is important, you do need to find time to do your own thing. Maybe that is fishing. Maybe it’s spending time with your family. Maybe it is creating crochet Disney characters. Whatever it is, make time to have time to yourself and enjoy it. Owners of pet franchises who take time out for themselves find that they feel better physically as well as emotionally, which is beneficial for the store.


Know that Learning Under Fire Isn’t a Bad Thing

Sure you go through training with the franchise before you opened which should have given you the basics of what you need to know. However, this is not where the training ends. There will be crises that come up (or even mini ones) in pet franchises that can seem overwhelming at the time. The truth is this is where a lot of your learning will come from. You learn from mistakes that were made and understand how to rectify the situation. This will help you avoid it from happening in the future. This is not a bad thing and doesn’t make you a bad franchisee. Just human and most people learn best from being thrown in the fire.