5 Things That May Be Holding Your Pet Franchise Back

Every business owner faces setbacks. Every pet grooming business owner also finds success, albeit on different scales. Unfortunately, the decisions you make and how you handle every situation in your pet franchise is likely to decide how well your business does. Between hesitation, fear, and other negative feelings, you may be unknowingly stunting the growth or success of your business. If you notice yourself or your business struggling, consider whether you’re doing any of the following;

You Avoid Changes in Your Pet Franchise

dog_grooming_safe_dryingChange is hard whether it’s done on a personal level or a business level. If your franchisor has made changes to your pet franchise recently and you are resisting, you may be hurting yourself more than you think. It’s normal for franchisees to disagree with their franchisor’s changes, especially if their franchisors do not work in the field. Sometimes franchisors make poorer decisions based on an outside view of what might help the franchise or they test something at a location in one area that may not necessarily work in another. Also, as the pet industry changes it is important for franchises to grow with this change to help keep current and successful.


Most of the time, experienced franchisors can be trusted with the decisions they make. Franchisees must trust their franchisors, even if they are not sure about it. If you have concerns about the changes, know where to voice them while making the changes as necessary. If something your franchisor does really doesn’t work, it should not be left that way for long. Many franchisors actually choose to listen to franchisee feedback in order to make better decisions for the pet franchise as a whole.

You Try to Please Everybody

There’s a saying, “Please everyone, please no one.” As a franchisee, you will be required to follow the rules of your franchisor, however, you do not have to please every single individual that walks in the doors of your pet franchise. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for excellent customer service. Just realize that some customers want to cause problems. Be reasonable. Be respectful regardless of how someone treats you. Be objective about what you did, how they responded, and who was acting inappropriately.

You Don’t Learn From Your Mistakes

Mistakes are a learning opportunity regardless of what industry you work in. As a pet franchise owner, you will hit successes and failures. The only difference between the two is that you cannot learn from success. While you do want to aim to have success, you should not view failure or mistakes as the end of the world. Instead, evaluate why something was a failure, what you could have done better, and work towards bringing bigger success towards yourself and your business in the future. Making mistakes is a large part of finding major success in anything you do.

You Resent the Success of Others

People who hate other people’s success will never be successful themselves. If you find you look at other business owners, family members, or customers and hate them for the success they are finding in their lives, you may actually be holding your pet franchise back. Often times the hatred of other people’s success comes from this feeling of failure in one’s’ self.

You will often look at what you are not doing right and may even spend a large amount of energy being angry or hateful instead productive. If you find yourself resenting the success of others, perhaps it is time to step back and reflect on your current success and find ways to be happy for someone else. Then you will stop holding yourself back and pave the way to personal success.

You Feel Like Everybody Else Owes Youpet industry

Many franchisees may find failure if they believe they do not have to work for or earn their success. This is the downfall of many, not just business owners. If you are an individual who feels entitled to something or as if the world owes you, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Your franchisor built their pet franchise not on the idea that people owed them, but on their hard work and dream.


Things may look easy for them because they put in all the hard work earlier. Consider it like a sprint. If you become the type of person expecting others to give you success, you will stop growing as a person, stop investing in your choices, and ultimately destroy changes of personal success by waiting for others to make it happen for you. This can then cause you to hate others who are successful because you may wonder why you aren’t successful yet. Then it just becomes a terrible cycle that’s hard to get out of.