5 Reasons Your Dog Grooming Business Needs SEO

Being successful with any business is hard. You can have the best service or product out there, but unless it is properly marketed, there is no way the company will get the sales needed to stay afloat. This is why marketing is integral to every business. The internet has made it impossible to have a good marketing strategy that does not incorporate SEO. While this may be a scary and frustrating aspect of your marketing plan, it is still necessary. Here are the reasons your dog grooming business needs to focus on SEO.


It’s Effectiveshutterstock_15352696

There is no denying the effectiveness of SEO. If you have ever searched anything you know that generally you will only look at the first page of the search results (second and third maybe if you’re desperate). The only way you can get on the first page with your categories, organically, is with SEO. Sure PPC can help but that is it’s own marketing strategy that needs to be thought of outside of the context of SEO for your dog grooming business.


SEO is Cost Effective

Another great thing about SEO is that it is cost effective for a pet franchise, or any business really. In many cases it can provide you with a better return on investment than even PPC marketing. This is because it is the foundation of your online presence. It is what brings people to your page and allows them to see who your company is and what you offer.


Increases Your Visibility

It is no secret that pretty much everyone looks up stores online. It could be just so they can grab an address and directions or even to look at reviews. If you want your store to come up when someone searches dog grooming in your city or pet store in your city, then you need to have the SEO in place to make your store come up at the top of the list. Remember that because the pet industry is booming, there are more competition than ever out there. You want to beat these people out and get noticed.


Not Staying Up on it is Damaging

A common misconception with SEO for a dog grooming business is that you can set it and forget it. Sure you may have had someone create you an amazing site that will bring people to your business. But not stay up on it with fresh content as well as making tweaks as Google changes their algorithms means that you will be falling behind the pack once again. Even if you get to number one on Google, don’t stop working on SEO if you want to stay there.


Your Competition is Doing it

shutterstock_144470521Even if you live in the smallest town, there is going to be some sort of competition for dog grooming. Most companies these days have an online presence and utilize SEO marketing as part of this. So if you are not keeping up with them in this way then you are falling behind.

These are just some of the many reasons that your dog grooming business needs to be focusing on SEO. This is not to say that it is the only important aspect of your marketing but in all honesty it can be the most powerful. The state of your online presence can make or break your reputation with potential customers so make the best of it.