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4 Marketing Mistakes Newly Opened Grooming Franchise Tend to Make

Studies have shown that the first year you have a grooming franchise is the most important to the future success of the business. Since marketing is the heart of any business, it is important to understand the biggest mistakes new grooming franchises tend to make as well as solutions to these problems.


1. Not Following the Marketing Plan Laid Out by the Franchisor

Following the plans and rules of the franchisor is the most important thing you can do as a grooming franchise. Not only could you find yourself in breach of your contract for not following these rules but they are there for a reason. These plans are developed by marketing professionals and are shown to work. Along with this, you should be utilizing the marketing material provided by the franchisor rather than trying to create your own.


2. Fear of Marketing Your Grooming Franchise

Another common issue people have with marketing is the fear of it. This is not something you should fear because everything you do boils down to marketing. As our Founder and CEO at Splash and Dash Dan J. Barton (also known as The Pet Business Coach) like to say, “Consider yourself a marketing company first and a grooming franchise second.” Every interaction with your business is a way of marketing. Build relationships, advertise, get involved in your community. Do everything you can to let people know who you are and what your company stands for.


3. Lack of Focus

While obviously the goal of all marketing is to bring people into your grooming franchise to buy products and services, you should make sure you have a focused marketing campaign. Many business owners think they can just market for the sake of marketing without a clear vision or plan. Unfortunately these tend to be the least successful marketing plans.


4. Doing it All Yourself

The one nice aspect of having a grooming franchise is that your franchisor will handle marketing and branding on a national level. This means you get to take on the marketing for your local market. Do not try to do this all on your own. Consult with professionals, use the tools provided by your franchisor, and allow your staff to help you through this. Doing this will help you to have the best success with your marketing campaigns.

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