2015 Affordable Franchise Opportunities in Bullock County Alabama

Bullock County Alabama is to the southeast of Montgomery and just south of I-85 and Auburn. Although there are only around 10,000 people in Bullock County it does not mean there are not opportunities when it comes to a franchise or small business in the area. Union Springs is the county seat and most populated town in Bullock County and offers potential when it comes to customers finding your pet store franchise. If you are looking for 2015 affordable franchise opportunities in Bullock County Alabama or anywhere near Montgomery please feel free to contact us at 1-760-861-1071. We will be more than happy to explain some of the concepts and options that are available in 2015, 2016 and moving forward.


Opening Your Own Pet Store Franchise

When deciding upon opening a franchise of any type it is very important to do research ahead of time. Our corporate team works very hard to help you find the best location for a pet store franchise. Remember that location is extremely important when it comes to impressions on your business. With Bullock County not being the largest county in Alabama it stands to reason that many of the residents are not up to date with the latest technology. While they may not be finding you on Google, Facebook or Twitter they may see your business as they drive by going to and from work.

Word of mouth marketing is a very powerful marketing tool in today’s society. Even though social media has changed the way people share information it will always be the case that a recommendation from a friend or loved one be powerful. At Splash and Dash for Dogs we strive to help you provide the best possible service for dogs so your customers will tell their friends and your business will continue to expand.

Bullock County Alabama Demographics

As mentioned previously, Bullock County Alabama is one of the smaller counties in the state with around 10,000 residents. The homeownership rate is very high at 77.3% meaning there is potential for a high number of dog and pet owners. Homeowners tend to have pets more often than renters. The number of residents living in the same house or home for more than one year is 85.3%. Once again, this is a strong demographic of people that are likely to have pets.

With Bullock County being one of the more rural counties in both Alabama and in the United States it should come as no surprise that pets, especially dogs, are going to get dirty. Instead of having to pay $50 or $100 for a dog bath every single time owner’s take them to the groomerie many of these owners will jump at the opportunity to get a monthly membership for as low as $39. This is why the Splash and Dash for Dogs franchise has been so successful over the years. Helping pet owners bathe their dogs is something that will often not be forgotten. Bullock County Alabama residents will likely tell their friends about your services and it could help you become a very profitable small business owner. You may also want to consider franchise opportunities in Blount County or Baldwin County Alabama.