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10 Benefits of Social Media for Pet Franchises

Most people today use at least one social media platform, even if it’s just for their personal accounts. While people may see the benefit of using social media for themselves they often do not see the benefit in using it for business purposes. The reality is social media is perfect for just about every business industry out there, including the pet industry. Here are the benefits of social media pet franchises need to keep in mind.


Improved Brand Recognition

Branding is a huge task that needs to be taken on with pet franchises from the national level. This is not to say that can’t increase brand awareness within your local community. Even if your franchisor handles things nationally by creating a great reputation for the franchise, you still need to handle this at the community level.


Greater Conversion Rates

pet grooming franchiseStudies have shown conversions through social media are greater than outbound marketing techniques. This is because of the humanization that comes with social media. People can connect with businesses on social media which makes them feel more comfortable with actually going to the pet franchises.


Great Opportunities for Leads

Another thing to keep in mind is pet franchises can reach out to more people within their community with social media. You can target your community and get your message directly to them. This can create even more ways for your pet store franchise to get the word out.


More Authority Within Your Industry

Another great benefit of social media is it can establish you as an authority within your industry. When you provide relevant and unique content with a good sized following people will see you as an important figure within the industry your business is in.


Lower Marketing Costs

Studies have found with as little as six hours of social media per week traffic to a company’s website and physical store can be increased. Keep in mind that these figures are designed for someone who knows what they’re doing with social media. This works out to just an hour a day from a social media professional. This is significantly less than other types of marketing.


Better SEO Ranking

Over the years Google has changed the way they rank sites and one of the things they look for now is a good social media presence. So this shows social media can help pet franchises in other ways as well.


Customer Insights Like Never Before

Sure you could do customer satisfaction surveys in the past but social media gives you an even greater way to do this. You can really see what your customers want in real time.


Provide a Better Customer Experiencepet franchises

There are several ways pet franchises can provide a better customer experience with social media. For one, you will have the ability to know what your customer wants so you can give this to them. Secondly you can offer them the deals they want on a forum they already use. In addition to this you will also give them the chance to know your company even better which makes them feel more confident about shopping with you.


Better Customer Loyalty for Pet Franchises

One of the great things about social media is it can help you to create better customer loyalty. This is because customers are reminded of your company all the time in their newsfeed. When they enjoy the content you put out there then they will continue to shop with your company. This is perfect for pet franchises that need to improve customer retention.


More Traffic to Your Website

Finally, pet franchises that want to boost the traffic to their website should know social media is a great way to do this. It can lead people back to blogs or even just to the home page. This can provide a great benefit for your leads and customer acquisition.