Franchise Opportunity in Dallas; The Drawbacks of Choosing a Restaurant

If you are looking for the right franchise opportunity in Dallas, then it is important to be able to cross a few options off your list. Many people think that restaurant franchises are perfect because everyone knows them and loves their food. Sure the idea of joining an industry that is projected to make $992 billion seems like a good idea, but this may not be the jackpot you expect. There are a few reasons you should steer clear of these business opportunities.


Startup Costs are Significantly Higher

This is one of the most expensive options for a franchise purchase. The cost for the average restaurant franchise can be $500,000 or more! This does not even include the non-borrowed assets you will need to have just to even purchase. If you want big name restaurants, such as KFC, McDonald’s or Taco Bell then you need to have at least $750,000 in liquid assets.


More Staff Required

Another thing to consider with this is you will need to have more staff than with just about any other franchise opportunity in Dallas. This is because they need help in the kitchen, servers, hostesses, in some cases bartenders and more. Many restaurants even hire third party cleaning companies as a way to keep labor costs lower. These services are not cheap but are less costly in some cases than the alternative.


Business Costs

It is also important to understand when considering a restaurant for your franchise opportunity in Dallas that you know what it will cost you to run the business. While obviously there are some variables that will change with the season, such as the labor costs, there are other things to take into consideration. Food costs are a huge part of owning a restaurant. The main issue is that this food tends to go bad faster than products in just about any other franchise opportunity in Dallas. This means if you aren’t getting the numbers in your restaurant, you are throwing away money.



Keep in mind that while the restaurant industry is worth billions of dollars it is also the most saturated market you can get into. On just about every corner you will see some sort of restaurant. This creates a lot of competition which can make it difficult to meet your goals.
This does not mean that a restaurant is not the ideal choice in certain circumstances. However, if you want to find a franchise opportunity in Dallas where you can have a recurring revenue stream and a business that is unique yet fun, then Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is the franchise for you.