Pet Industry Trends 2021

With every new year comes new trends! Pet Industry trends often mirror trends in the human industries, meaning, once something becomes trendy in our world, with time it then becomes trendy in the pet world. In 2020, $103.6 billion was spent on our pets in the U.S., it’s no secret that pet owners splurge on their pets.


Nowadays you can do anything from your phone, it’s great! Pet industry companies are catching onto this tech savvy trend and are developing apps and mobile friendly websites. Doing this makes it quick and easy to order food or toys for your pet and book grooming services. You can even order products from the pet store off the pet store app and pick it up at the local pet store when it’s ready. Some pet stores are offering curbside delivery services for mobile orders. This is a convenient and easy feature that pet owners are taking advantage of especially during the pandemic.

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscription services have been trending for years, but recently pet owners are being targeted more than ever. So many pet industry companies offer monthly food delivery services, toy box deliveries and pet medicine delivery. Having your pet’s food on a scheduled delivery every month is extremely convenient. One of the most popular month subscriptions in the dog grooming world is Slash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique monthly “ Routine Care Memberships,” starting as low as $39.95 per month, they allow you to choose how often you’d like to come in for a bath and brush: once a month, once a week or an unlimited amount of times!


Natural / Organic Products

First it was dog food, then treats and now it’s everything! From food to toys, just about everything is natural/ organic now, and we’re not complaining! The reason natural and organic products have become such a craze is because people have become more conscious about improving and sustaining the health of the planet, and their pet. The top selling natural pet products that are paws-itively good for the planet include:

  • Natural flea and tick repellents
  • Holistic grooming products such as the blueberry facial for dogs
  • Toys made with natural fibers


Luxury Pet Services

A luxury pet service is something that you don’t necessarily need, but something you want for your pet. The most popular luxury pet services are:

  • Dog training
  • Pet sitting
  • Dog walking

These services are most in-demand for puppy owners or pet owners who are not home most the day. You’re ideally hiring someone to do the duties you don’t have time to do for your pet. These unique services have also opened up career opportunities for many people, for example, the average annual salary for a dog walker in New York City is $33,865!




CBD stands for cannabinoids. is extracted from the flowers and buds of cannabis (marijuana or hemp plants). CBD, however, doesn’t produce the “high” associated with marijuana because it doesn’t contain the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD interacts with the nerve receptors of vertebrae animals, such as humans and dogs. Just as humans experience anxiety, pain, inflammation, appetite problems, and sleep issues, so do your pets! CBD treats may be able to offer the same health-boosting benefits that humans are able to enjoy. CBD treats are great for pets with anxiety. These treats may also come in handy during the Fourth of July, if your pet is frightened by fireworks. 




The Hidden Gem of the Franchise World

When you think about wanting to own your own business and be your own boss, you have two options: to either start your own business or buy a franchise. Starting your own business can be expensive and there is no guarantee that it will be successful. The neat thing about most franchises is that they’re already successful. Statistics show that franchises have a much better chance of success than independent start-up businesses. There is one franchise in particular that is always profitable, the pet industry! Pet owners love their pets and spoil them to death, making the pet industry the hidden gem of the franchise world.

Did you Know..

The pet industry reached a turning point for the better in 2020, with total sales of $103.6 billion, a historic high, according to the American Pet Products Association. That marks an increase of 6.7% over 2019 retail sales of $97.1 billion.Even during a pandemic, the pet industry is thriving. How many other industries can say they’re thriving during a pandemic?! Many businesses are struggling or have closed their doors for good as the pandemic continues, but not pet store franchises. 

A pet store franchise is one of the safest and most profitable investments, and here’s why: 2 out of 3 households have pets, the adoption centers are empty and there is now such a thing as a “ pet influencer” on social media. It’s safe to say pets are always a commodity. Pet owners are keeping the pet industry super busy and super profitable. From grooming appointments to buying toys and treats, pet groomerie and boutique franchises are constantly busy.


Why a Franchise?

Owning a franchise allows you to be your own boss. There is a low failure rate when you invest in a franchise, because you are buying an established concept that has already been successful. Starting your own business isn’t as glamorous as it may seem.There’s no playbook to guide you, no one to tell you if what you’re doing is right or wrong. It can also be very expensive to start your own business, Many entrepreneurs may not get a salary for years. That is a lot of missed wages. If the business doesn’t work out, it could all be for nothing. Statistics show that franchises have a better chance of success than independent start-up businesses. So, why try to start a brand new business when you can find a model that’s already working successfully? 


love animals

Do you LOVE Pets?

Do you have to be a dog/pet lover to own a pet franchise? The simple answer is, yes. The most successful pet store franchisees are in love with dogs. This isn’t a skill that can be taught, however it is one needed to be truly successful in the pet franchise industry. No matter how much franchise training you complete, you need to be passionate about animals. If you are a pet owner and are looking for a career that you absolutely love then a pet franchise is the type of business you should definitely own. If you do what you love, youll never work a day in your life.


What’s the Best Pet Franchise to Invest in?

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is one of the most unique and fastest growing pet franchises today. Splash and Dash’s impressive growth has been recognized by the Inc 5000, not once, not twice, but three times! 


best pet franchise to invest in


Splash and Dash offers a unique training program for new franchisee’s, Splash and Dash University. Offering a training program for new pet franchise owners makes the whole experience more enjoyable and less stressful. At Splash and Dash University you learn everything that there is to know about owning and operating a pet franchise. The owner of Splash and Dash, Dan J. Barton,  personally walks you through every step of the process and teaches the University courses himself.  


Splash and Dash is now offering “ Routine Care Memberships,” starting as low as $39.95 per month. Introducing three new Routine Care Memberships, they allow you to choose how often you’d like to come in for a bath and brush: once a month, once a week or an unlimited amount of times! With each one of the Splash and Dash’s Memberships, you save up to 15% on retail, grooming and spa services. Also, enjoy a complimentary 6 point wellness check, sent directly to your phone, after every routine care visit! These convenient features are part of the perks of being a part of one of our Routine Care Memberships.  Splash and Dash also offers grooming and spa add on services, natural pet treats and toys.