6 Creative Pet Franchise Ideas

So have decided to start your own pet store franchise. It is 2015 and you want something creative, innovative, fresh, unique, but you. Here are some specialized store ideas for your new pet franchise that break away from the usual and give you lots of creative wiggle room.

1. Cat Playhouses

Cats are curious, playful, and love to climb. Cat owners love the idea custom furniture, playsets, and big cat posts. Designing custom cat playhouses, gives you the chance to build skyscraper playhouses that will excite the cats just as much as they will the owner.

2. Pet Feeders

There is a lot of opportunity for a pet franchise that specialize pet feeders: manual or automatic, food or water, single or multiple, bowl or innovative tower. There are opportunities to hand paint bowls, design bowls for the busy household or the single individual with so much time for their pet. Some just think of them as food bowls, but others: as big as a fondue fountain.

3. Pet Beds

While some choose to share their beds with their four-legged-best-friends, it is never a bad idea to get them a bed of their own. It could be as simple as a pillow to their very own canopy, four foot bed with a curtain. Whether you share your space or not, You can make beds that matches the personality of the pet and the owner. There are even wall-mounted cat beds, under-chair cat hammocks, and cutouts for the end of couches for dogs and cats alike. The possibilities and styles are endless with this pet franchise.

4. Gadget and Specialized Collars

Pet franchise with a large variety of collar gadgets. Things like devices to remind the busy pet owner that their dog needs food or water at certain times, to collars that are like pedometers and little cameras attached to USBs to let their owners know exactly what their pet was up to while they were gone. Then there are traditional collars: fabric, leather, organic, the list goes on.

5. Aquariums

From aquarium accessories to 100 gallon tanks, this pet franchise offers a view of the world under the sea. The simple globe-sized bowl to modern high-rises. There is definitely a design factor when it comes to aquariums. Think of it as aquatic interior design.

6. Pet Poop Disposal

Center your pet franchise on products for cleaning up after pets. There is more to it than a litter box and a shovel or a plastic bag. There is biodegradable kitty litter and litter boxes. There is the ‘poop vacuums’ and so many other different kind of pet poop scoopers. There are bottles of cold air to freeze the poop before it has to be picked up and devices so you don’t have to carry the bag until you get home. Everyone loves their pet but hates the cleanup and with that said, a wall for pet cleanup products that make it easier and painless is a no brainer.

These are only 6 of the many options for pet store franchising. The sky is the limit. Create, innovate, and franchise away.