Entrepreneurial Traits That Help a Pet Store Franchise Owner

When starting your own franchise, you will be starting your own business. A pet store franchise is even better because you will have a support system that knows what to do and what not to do. With this being a true entrepreneurial business model, we can offer a few traits of individuals that we have seen that can predict success.


Willingness to Adapt

In the business world, curveballs are going to come your way. Sometimes it will be much easier to adapt than others. An employee may call out sick or a dog might not thoroughly enjoy having its toenails clipped. These events are going to happen and you will quickly learn to take them in stride and accept they are part of owning your own pet store business.

There are also larger issues that will come up in which you may need some assistance. Filing taxes, understanding how to deal with an angry customer, and poor employee performance are going to be issues that arise every now and again but not all that often. Fortunately, Splash and Dash for Dogs has a team at the corporate level that can help you when it comes to more serious issues. Also, remember that there are many Splash and Dash pet store franchise owners all over the United States that are just a phone call away. Befriending and picking the brain of other Splash and Dash owners is a very wise choice for those that want to advance their business.


Unwilling to Accept Failure

In any business there will be bumps and bruises along the way. The first few months of starting a business are a much different lifestyle than working for someone else. There are not bosses to tell you what time you have to be at work or what tasks you must complete. This gives many franchise owners the power to make major business decisions. Unfortunately, some of these decisions are not going to work out perfectly. Just because something did not work out, it does not mean it was a failure.

Think of this type of situation as a learning experience. At Splash and Dash we do not think of any setback as a failure. If you are willing to learn from it and adapt your business will be much better off in the long run. This learning experience will also help you to grow both personally and professionally in a way that would not have been possible if you were not making the major decisions for yourself and your pet store franchise.


Strong Work Ethic

Saying that starting your own pet store franchise or any type of franchise is going to be easy would be stretching the truth. As mentioned before, there are going to be plenty of ups and downs. There are going to be weeks in which you are so booked you cannot even sign up another customer. There will also be weeks in which things do not go your way. Through it all, it is imperative to get through the “rough times” as they will not last. One of the great things about owning a Splash and Dash pet store franchise is there is a support system to help you through all the ups and downs.

By having a strong work ethic you will likely be able to get through some of the rough patches and not even realize they were rough patches. Getting to work early, staying late and staying up to date on information and data even on days off is a very common trait of all entrepreneurs. We are not saying that you must do this but having a firm grasp on the entire business will only help when it comes to the success of the bottom line which is to make money.