Low Cost Franchise Opportunities; Are Gym Franchises Worth it?

Taking control of your future by purchasing a franchise can be liberating and exciting. This is why you are looking for low-cost franchise opportunities. It can be hard to know what is out there. Some people think that a gym is a great choice for this. The truth is that fitness centers may not be the low-cost franchise opportunities you think they are.


The Price Variance

If you go to a franchising website and start looking at gyms, the first thing you will notice is that there seem to be some low-cost franchise opportunities and some that definitely are not. In fact, there are gym franchises that can cost several million just in startup costs. There are several aspects that go into this, though the most common reason for this is the branding power of the company.


It makes sense when you think about how a Gold’s Gym is going to cost you more than Kosama (a group fitness center for those not in the know) simply because you are paying for the instant recognition. Now this does not mean that you cannot make money with gyms that offer low-cost franchise opportunities.  This will require a lot of marketing effort on your end and the cost for this can add up quickly. It is also very time-consuming.


The Drawback of Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities in the Gym Industry

If you are working with a limited budget to buy your new franchise, then low-cost franchise opportunities seem like the ideal choice. Even if you take away the fact that these businesses are generally unknown, there is still a major drawback that potential franchise owners need to consider: the lack of inventory and equipment.


Generally, when you look at the low-cost franchise opportunities in the gym industry it consists of boot camps or fitness and nutrition counseling. With these businesses, the costs are mainly in the franchise fee, location costs, and other similar costs. You do not have an inventory of products that you can sell to bring in additional income. More than that you do not have abundant equipment you can sell to regain some of your losses if the business goes under. Obviously, no one expects their business to go under but knowing that you can recoup some of your costs if this does happen is something you will not have with low-cost franchise opportunities in the gym industry.


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Cons of Low Cost Franchise Opportunities in the Cleaning Industry

The first thing many people do when they are looking for low-cost franchise opportunities is to go to a trusted source, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Inc to find their list of the best franchises. Often times, cleaning franchises make up several names on the top of the list. However, does this mean that it is right for your low-cost franchise opportunities? To get a better understanding of this answer, you should understand the pros and cons of this industry.


The Benefits of Cleaning Franchises

The biggest benefit is that people hate to clean, meaning there is plenty of room for profit. Your demographic will be narrowed significantly depending on the franchise you buy as some only work with residential cleaning while others only handle commercial cleaning. There are a few that handle both and if you want to have more opportunity for income then this may be the way you want to go.


Another benefit you will find with these companies is that you will already have people who trust your services. For instance, Jan-Pro is a well known janitorial franchise for business in the same way that Molly Maids is often the first cleaning service thought of for the home. You will find that a great deal of your business comes from those who recognize the name brand.


Drawbacks of Cleaning Franchises

The biggest drawback of a cleaning franchise for some is that it requires cleaning. Even as the owner, there may be times when you need to get your hands dirty and do some cleaning. If this is not something you want to do, then find another industry.


Another major drawback of this is that it is hard to classify the options as low-cost franchise opportunities. There are some that are lower cost, but they are mostly companies that are not as recognizable. Also, the minimum cash required is significantly large, which is why it is hard to think that some of these could fall under the term low-cost franchise opportunities.


The Verdict

If you love cleaning and have plenty of funding, then this is can be an excellent business opportunity for you, especially if you choose one of the better-known companies. However, this is not what most people would consider low-cost franchise opportunities. To find this, consider Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique. You will find that the revolutionary business model is designed to make you money. Plus you get to work with animals every day.