6 Things Successful Grooming Franchise Owners Do


When you own a grooming franchise, it is important to know how you can be successful. There are several things successful pet franchise owners do that you should know. By being aware of these things you can put them into practice for yourself to be more successful.


1. Grooming Franchise Owners are Involved in the Community

One of the most important aspects of having a successful grooming franchise is community involvement. This could be as simple as going to dog meetups at your local dog park or sponsoring local events in the community. Every time you go out and get involved you increase your brand’s reputation and visibility which brings in more customers.


2.  Network with Other Franchisees

Another thing you should be doing is networking with other franchise locations within your franchise. You can do this online with social media, such as with a closed group where you can get together and share stories. This can help you to overcome issues before they become problems for your franchise and also just to share stories about your experience.


3. They are Coachable

There are many grooming franchise owners who simply think they know it all and cannot be taught anything. This is the worst place to be in because there is no way to grow. Rather, by remaining coachable, you are able to learn new ways to make your business successful. Feel free to listen to Dan Barton on the James Lowe Show as he explains how he was successful in being a dog coach and a pet store creator.


4. They Utilize Technology from the Franchisor

You should also make sure you are actually using the technology provided to you. In many cases this is part of your contract. Even if it is not you should still be utilizing all the tools the franchisor has to offer. This will help improve efficiency and boost sales with your grooming franchise.


5. They Follow All the Rules in the Contract

You do not want to find yourself in violation of your franchise contract which is why you should read through this and understand what is expected of you. Before implementing a new idea or strategy, make sure you go through the contract again to ensure this is allowed. If you have any questions, talk with your field rep. You may also want to read How to Promote Your Pet Store Online.


6. Grooming Franchise Owners Keep with the Marketing Plan

A huge benefit to owning a grooming franchise is that everything is laid out for you.  Do not try to change this and create your own marketing plan because you think it will work better. These plans are designed by marketing professionals and will give you the results you are looking for if you follow the plan. If you do have any ideas, be sure to talk with your field rep.