The Magic in The Pet Grooming Franchise

The main purpose for franchising is to minimize the risk when starting a new business. As you start your next business, consider the pet grooming franchise as it will minimize the risk you’re taking by an even greater effort. Most studies show that almost 90% of businesses fail within the first three years and that’s because of the learning curve, but with Splash and Dash not only here to help franchise, but to also teach you how to be in the top 10%. Not only that, but there are things within the pet grooming franchise that no other franchise has that will keep yours on top.

Pets Get Dirty

pet groomersWhile pet boarding is for trips every once in a while maybe, the pet grooming franchise has far more opportunity for business owners as most pets are recommended to be bathed minimally once every two weeks and sometimes more depending on physical activity. On top of that, grooming is not just bathing, but brushing, which is far more often as dogs shed their winter coats, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and so much more and in most cases, people who visit groomers live in the near vicinity, nearly promising that they will come again and again.

Opportunity for Other Services

Running a pet grooming franchise doesn’t just limit you to style and cleanup, but offers the ability to market many other services and products. Grooming can even be marketed at times in the same way a doggie daycare might be marketed. Thorough grooming takes time and sometimes pet parents need those quiet moments to get some work or errands done. You can offer in-store dog training run a small shop.

Filling Constant Needs

Most pet grooming franchises do not groom pets alone, but have a store front on top of that, causing more income as they sell products like dog food, toys, treats, leashes and harnesses, deluxe beds, toothbrushes, and so much more. Pet will always need food, treats, and bowls to keep them in, assuring you more business in your grooming franchise.

Recurring Revenue
By using Splash and Dash, you take advantage of the revolutionary recurring revenue method that most gyms nowadays use. By providing a flat-rate fee with unlimited washes per month, there’s no extra salesmanship needed in order to make that same flat-rate every month once the initial purchase has been made, assuring the income for a long time to come.

What to Look for in a Pet Grooming Franchise

A pet grooming franchise can be the perfect business opportunity to break free of your current job and enjoy the freedom and wealth business ownership can provide. However, not all franchises are created equal. This is why it is helpful to know what you should look for in the pet grooming franchise.

Branding is Important

The branding a company provides is essential to the business. If it is a brand that no one knows then it will be harder to bring in business. Now obviously there is nothing stopping you from doing additional marketing to make up for this. The problem though is that this can get expensive and time consuming quickly.

Look for Something Unique

When you look at a pet grooming franchise there are many things you may think as a prospective franchise owner. However, you need to look at it from a customer’s point of view. Is there something that makes the pet grooming franchise stand out- something unique? If not, then this is not the best choice for your franchise. In an ideal world the unique feature of the business will be great for consumers and franchisees as well.

The Cost for Startup

This is often where many people start when they are looking for a pet grooming franchise due to financial constraints. Even if you get a loan for the purchase, you will still need to make sure that you are keeping it within your your budget. There are some pet grooming franchises that are low cost while others can cost a few million dollars to set up. Make sure when you look at the numbers that you are paying attention to the full cost for startup rather than just the initial franchise fee.

Splash and Dash – the Perfect Pet Grooming Franchise
When looking at these aspects for a pet grooming franchise there is one franchise opportunity that is perfect – Splash and Dash for Dogs.