Common Traits of Successful Splash and Dash Business Franchises

Ten Approaches to Owning Successful Businesses in the Pet Franchise Industry That Work

Before following your dream and investing in a small business it’s natural to look for guidance. In the competitive business world, making a profit and maintaining operations feels daunting without support. This is why the franchise model has propelled so many successful businesses. With franchising, entrepreneurs take less risk. The franchisor supports them with technology, training, and marketing. This support has been proven successful in the marketplace with a practical bottom line. Combined with entrepreneurial tenacity, this is a recipe for success.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is a pet franchise that lays the groundwork for successful businesses. A combination of unique cutting-edge technology, recurring revenue streams, and expert marketing is why the company is ranked #59 in “Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top New Franchises List.” INC. Magazine also listed the pet franchise No. 3 in the “Top 10 Franchises that Swept the Nation,” with the company making the “INC. 500” List three years in a row. Splash and Dash offer investors an exclusive platform to succeed.

Most importantly, Splash and Dash shops are amazing places that franchisees are proud to own. The company culture is fun. The store model is bright, inviting, and upscale. The franchise owners are passionate. Franchise owners love what they do—playing a small part in benefiting the community surrounding their shop. Customers have the opportunity to buy the healthiest pet foods—made with all-natural ingredients—that support a higher-quality of life for customers’ pets. The inventory of pet supplies are eco-friendly and help reduce the carbon ‘pawprint.’ When customers take their dogs to Splash and Dash they know their dog will be treated by a loving professional.

Like all well-crafted enterprises, Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has a tested process behind the many successful businesses in the franchise. Read further to find out more!


Successful businesses start with successful people. Within the repertoire of skills an entrepreneur has, leadership is one of the strongest. Splash and Dash believes in the business philosophy, work on your business, not in it. This means our franchise owners are engaged in their shop. They are driving performance with innovating ideas and motivating employees. A strong leader doesn’t bounce around putting out fires. Leaders have a systematic approach to prevent them. Being a leader is more than calling the shots. True leadership is setting the standard for excellence that you value in your team.


There are two kinds of entrepreneurial risk—calculated risk and unmitigated risk. A savvy business-person acts with the former. Opening a small business or buying a franchise can be risky. Many take out small business loans, cash in a 401(k), and sink time and effort into their new venture. Entrepreneurs need to be willing to take risks and dexterous enough to calculate success. Recognizing potential consequences and finding routes to grow a business is how Splash and Dash owners minimize risk while boosting profits.

Company Culture

Owning either a franchise location or independent small business requires establishing a strong company culture. Splash and Dash’s company culture is an extension of the brand. The company consists of passionate people who love animals and know the business. As a boss, franchise owners are team leaders that can challenge and motivate employees to be the best version of their professional-self.

Financial Literacy

Successful businesses are the outcome a strategic and well-executed business plan. One of the perks of owning a  franchise is a business plan is already written. The responsibility falls on owners to carry the business plan out. Franchise owners are trained to put in place the strategies of the franchise model. With support, it is up to a franchise owner to be able to navigate the fiscal operations of their business.

System & Structure

A small business is not the place for anarchic structures. Without structure, dissension, stagnation, and inconsistencies develop. The inverse of this is having a specific approach to workflow. Keeping yourself and your employees organized ensures standards, accountability, and predictability. Every shop owner has intention and every decision made is deliberate. Successful businesses are well-oiled machines that minimize risk and capitalizes on ingenuity.

Value Your Employees

Part of developing a succinct company culture with a positive shop-morale is valuing your employees. Business owners should trust employees, delegate responsibilities, and be supportive of their staff. When you treat your employees with kindness and respect, these values are reciprocated. Owning a business where your staff is excited to come to work translates into customers being excited into coming into your store. A genuinely positive atmosphere is a catalyst for success.


In the digital world, collaboration is seamless. There are software applications that help your team stay on the same page. Productive meetings, diligent training, and operational systems are all part of good communication. The most successful businesses have a methodology in place for communication. For instance, retailers have inventory management software or an inventory system put in place. This way there is no excess stock and the shop doesn’t miss out on a sales opportunity because their shelves are stocked accurately. Communication is more than keeping your staff informed, it’s maintaining the shop’s structure and systems.


Entrepreneurs live a lifestyle with a focused continuum of training and education. Technical and non-technical skills are constantly refined. With franchising, capable shop owners need to be able to take a framework and build from this blueprint. This takes adaptation and being able to learn new systems. Training and support lead franchisees in the right direction, it’s a shop owners job to stay on course.

Community & Passion

Successful businesses are built around passion. If the members of a company do not truly believe in the company’s goals, people burn out. If you do not love what you do, it will be difficult to stay dedicated and ambitious. Find an industry where you can flourish—a place to own that gives back. Splash and Dash owners have the opportunity to educate their customers and see the results. Owners host adoption events, provide green products, and healthy pet food that nourishes animals. Splash and Dash spa treatments benefit a pet’s overall care and prevent health issues from developing.

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10 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique

What Amazing Things are Happening at Splash and Dash?

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique is a special place for dogs and humans alike. There is no other pet grooming salon on the planet quite like it. The company was founded on core values built from the perspective of being a loving pet owner. Like many of our shop owners, Founder and CEO, Dan J. Barton was fed up with taking his Yorkie pup—Mercedes—to mediocre big box grooming stores. The service was lousy, the prices were high, and everything felt impersonal. Dan wanted a grooming salon that treated Mercedes the way he would. A place that was trustworthy, safe, and pampering. A grooming salon that was affordable, where customers could get everything they needed for their dog, and the haircuts were too cute. Right then and there, Dan decided to start Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique—a pioneer in the grooming industry.

The idea was to combine all the amenities of high-tech big box stores with all the friendliness of your neighborhood mom and pop shop. In this way, Splash and Dash can provide top quality service to customers while being able to expand business rapidly.

A strive for excellence is how Splash and Dash earned a myriad of awards, including the most recent Entrepreneur’s 500 ranking: ranked at 59th! More importantly, customers sure seem to love their dog’s haircuts.

What Customers are Saying

Below are some real Yelp comments from satisfied customers who visited one of the Splash and Dash locations across the country.

“This place is awesome. My min pin comes home so relaxed that he sleeps for hours.  Anyone who knows Min Puns knows thus us a blessing. Customer service is too notch. The aromatherapy stays on my furbaby all week. It is the best!!!”

—Felisa C. Fairburn, GA

“We love Splash and Dash and so does our older fur baby. The staff is very caring and take the time to listen to our concerns. Our Rex has arthritis and they were very gentle with him and he came out of there looking great. I highly recommend Splash and Dash!”

—Deirdre C. Chester, NY

“Absolutely loved how they treated my Ellie!! She was so soft and her coat looked better than I’ve probably ever seen it. John and his staff are amazing!! Def found our new groomer!!”

—Lacy B. Fort Worth, TX

What Makes Splash and Dash Unique?

1.Safety-First Grooming

This should go without saying for all groomers but sadly not every facility uses the safest pet handling techniques. At Splash and Dash, we use a slip-free tethering. This keeps your dog secure in a humane way. We also use self-locking facilities and self-latching kennels to make sure dogs cannot get loose and put themselves in danger. Dogs with mobility issues can use our easy-access ramps to get into the tub or grooming table. Last, we use non-heat air blow drying, only when necessary to make sure dog’s skin dries in the healthiest way.

2. Signature Monthly Membership

Customers can keep their dogs fresh and clean all month long with the unlimited dog bathing and brushing. Starting at $39.95, the service is convenient, affordable, and has zero hassles. The membership also entitles customers to discounted prices on additional spa services.

3. Invigorating Spa Treatments

At Splash and Dash, we believe we should treat our pets like family. They deserve a true spa day complete with aromatherapy, effervescent pawdicure, facials, a deshed service, and nourish conditioning. All these spa treatments not only help a dog relax but are amazing enrichments to their overall health. Medical issues like skin irritations, infection, and matting are all prevented with these spa luxuries. Splash and Dash groomers also perform doggie dental. This can save customers time and money by preventing veterinary visits.

4. Time-Saving Technology

The software applications used at Splash and Dash are all proprietary and developed specifically for our shop owners. Franchisees benefit from being able to handle all back-office operations through one convenient dashboard. Customers get email and SMS notifications for appointment reminders and pick-ups and also have the convenience of booking online 24/7.

5. Eco Friendly Toys & Shampoo

We want to do our part in reducing the carbon ‘pawprint’ our dogs and shops have on the Earth. We do this by using eco friendly shampoos and using water conservation hydro surge technology, with less waste. We also provide recycled toys and products so customers and mother nature can feel good about purchases.

6. All-natural Human Grade Dog Treats

Our “Keepin’ it Simple” treat line is made with human grade formulas with 7 ingredients or less. This means the same standards put into human foods are placed onto the treats that Splash and Dash carries. All treats are sourced and made in the U.S. and are 100% healthy for your pup…and you!

Keepin’ it Simple:

  • Human Grade Ingredients
  • Made with healthy stuff like sweet potatoes, blueberries, pumpkins and chia seeds.
  • Non-GMO
  • No Corn or Soy
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Colors
  • No Wheat
  • No artificial preservatives or chemicals

7. Valet Carry-Out Service

Everything we do at Splash and Dash is for our customers—both two-legged and four. We know customers are busy. That’s why they come to Splash and Dash! Our valet carry-out service makes it so that customers don’t have to wrestle with a leash or carry heavy dog food bags from the store. We’ll do it for you!

8. Cute Cut Guarantee

We want your furr-baby to look their best! This is why our owners are the ones to relay your wishes to groomers. You’ll always be speaking with ownership. Shop owners make sure there are no miscommunications. But, no one is perfect, and if for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your dog’s haircut, we’ll fix it for free.

9. Fresh Modern Spaces

Splash and Dash stores are open, bright, and inviting. This means that a shop doesn’t smell like a wet dog and the place is nice and clean!

10.  Our Founder’s Promise

If you or your dog isn’t 100% satisfied for any reason, we’ll make it right. This is our promise.

At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique we believe our dogs are family members and should be treated as equals. Dogs deserve to get the same enjoyment and quality of life as humans, to able to be comfortable, clean, and healthy, and eat delicious foods that provide them with the nutrition and energy they need. This sentiment and love translate into our motto—Live Dirty. Play Clean.  Let dogs be dogs—go out, get dirty—then come into a Splash and Dash to get cleaned up.

Please, come on in and enjoy your friendly staff and beautiful shops. Take advantage of all the things we do to make it easier for you so that you can care for your pup with zero hassles.

We couldn’t be more excited to meet you and your pup!

Live Dirty. Play Clean!


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