The Impact of Social Media on Employees of Pet Store Franchises

Your staff is one of the most important aspects of your business. They help you to keep operations running smoothly and ensure that tasks are completed. However, the age of social media has definitely changed the game. Not only has this changed the way pet store franchises hire, but also the way that they utilize their employees. Here are a few aspects that all business owners should be aware of with social media and their staff.


Your Employees are a Huge Asset

While having a unique product or service with excellent branding is essential for your business, your staff is just as important. Most owners of pet store franchises understand that employees are the backbone of their business, though they fail to see the way that social media plays into this. Your staff are your best brand ambassadors in the social media age. They are the ones who will tell the world how much they love working for your company and what you offer. This is an excellent form of word of mouth advertising. Even though word of mouth advertising will not replace the need for formal marketing campaigns, it is still important enough to consider.


Employees Will Dish on the Good and the Bad

Having brand ambassadors is excellent for your company, remember that employees do not hold back. If they love working for pet store franchises, then they will share with others the joy and experiences they have had. If they have a horrible experience with your company, then this will also be shared. This does not mean that you should tolerate slandering on the part of your employees, but this does not stop them from talking about interactions they have seen in pet store franchises on social media.  Be mindful of the image you are portraying and whether it is something you want the world to see.

Employees At Pet Store Franchises Want High Tech

Many of the employees you will hire for pet store franchises will be younger people, those who have grown up with evolving technology. These people are always looking for the newest and coolest technology breakthrough. This is why they tend to look for companies that are innovative in their use of technology, or keep with the times at least. You will find that keeping up with technology not only helps you to retain the perfect staff, but it also helps pet store franchises torun more efficiently.


Take These Tips  to Heart With Interviews

Just as you want to be mindful of the image you are portraying to your employees, make sure that you also think about this when people interview. All it takes is one bad interview experience for a person to tweet about it and your company’s online reputation can be in shambles.

How to Promote Your Pet Store Franchise Online

There is little argument to be made that more people are using their smartphones and the Internet to look for services. The proliferation of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are signs of the times. Instead of picking up the phone book and scrolling through the Yellow Pages to find consumers for your pet store small business owners are going to Google, Yahoo! or Bing and searching “best pet groomer in Orlando, Florida”. If your Splash and Dash Grooming Business is at the top of Google search you are going to receive phone calls at all hours of the day. Providing great service, once the customer has found you, is essential to our brand and your business.

With a Splash and Dash Pet store business, you will receive support from our team at the corporate level. We will provide a page on our website that allows searchers to find your services and how you can help them. This is an opportunity that is not available to someone trying to start a pet franchise independently. For more information on this please feel free to reach out to us at 1-760-861-1071.

The Power of Branding Online

How to Utilize Your Time

The Power of Branding Online

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have grown leaps and bounds in the last several years. Almost everyone is on some social media site. Unfortunately, this can get very confusing to a small business owner. Should you spend more time on Facebook and less on Twitter? Most small business owners don’t have the time nor the energy to be able to digest and understand all the ins and outs of social media, Google search, and Facebook marketing.

Instead of trying to be everything to everyone we encourage our pet store franchise owners to do what works for them. If you have a strong presence on Twitter and you have built a following you likely know the product. Feel free to use Twitter to create a Splash and Dash Twitter profile for your specific store or area. You may want to share photos of dogs getting a bath. You could even share links to the ways in which dogs improve lives. There are a number of unique ways to use Twitter if you are accustomed to the product.

Maybe you have a great understanding of Facebook and how it works. We strongly encourage all of our pet store franchisees to create a Facebook business page for their location. They have the ability to promote this to their friends, family or anyone else they so desire on Facebook. Branding your business and your location will greatly help when dog owners are thinking about taking their dog to get that weekly or monthly bath.

Instagram has grown tremendously in the last several years. Almost every teenager and college student are on Instagram. Pet owners know their children love the family pet. If a son or daughter consistently sees attractive photos of dogs getting bathed they will have that particular brand stuck in their head. When they drive by your store on the road there is a good chance they will ask mom and dad if they can bring their dog to that particular boutique. This is a type of free online branding that was not available five or ten years ago. Once again, don’t try to be everything to everyone but understand that a photo a day can go a long way.

How to Utilize Your Time

As a franchisee and a small business owner, we know your time is very valuable. Entrepreneurs throughout the United States thrive off being “busy” but they also enjoy their downtime. In this article, we discuss what makes a successful pet store franchisee. Do not feel as if you must utilize every social network at every waking moment. This burns out many people. Sharing a single photo a day on Instagram or updating Facebook with a post every one or two days is sufficient for many businesses. Find what works for you and your business.

At Splash and Dash we offer extensive training and resources to help you succeed. For more on our values and commitment please click here: Splash and Dash Values.


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