5 Things Opening a Pet Franchise Can Do for You

It is a big step to think about buying a pet franchise. The thought has crossed your mind, the opportunity has come barking, but the fear is also setting in. What can it do for you? Why take this step? The benefits of owning a pet store franchise are far too many to count, but here are a few things to keep in mind when considering opening your own pet store franchise.


1.      It Will Improve Your  Management Skills

A pet franchise is perfect for those with leadership skills, but you don’t have to be perfect. You might feel overwhelmed at the idea of starting at the top, but you will feel empowered once you get into it. A Splash and Dash pet franchise will give you all the tools and information you need to succeed.


2.      You Are Your Own Boss

You call the shots, you hire who you want, and you are in charge. You pick your location, your store hours. Imagine complete control. This provides you with more time for your friends and family, your kids, that part-time college attendance. As the owner of a pet franchise you have the ultimate flexibility you need to balance work, family, hobbies, and everything else important to you.


3.      The Pet Franchise Can Make a Difference

As the owner of a pet store franchise, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the surrounding community. Pets are important family members and the consumers that come to see you trust you when it comes to their best friends, be it for grooming, dietary, or the suggestion for the hottest toy in town.


4.      You Spend Your Day with Animals

What could be better than owning a company where you spend your day around man’s best friend? As a pet franchise owner, you will be visited regularly by dogs and cats. Somehow our furry friends always know how to put the smile back on our faces, regardless of how terrible our day might have been.


5.      It Builds Your Confidence

By building your own successful pet franchise, you will see a difference in yourself. You will be more confident which is essential to your success. Building a pet franchise and the confidence that comes with it can be addicting. While opening your first location may seem frightening, the success is immediate and soon you’ll be looking for the opportunity to build your next pet store location. With the assistance of Splash and Dash, you will be set up for success with your franchise. If you love animals, then this is a profitable and rewarding business opportunity for you.

Pet Grooming Franchise – 6 Benefits You Need to Know

There are many options when you are looking for a franchise to purchase. Finding one that offers you the most benefits is essential to your success. The pet industry is an an ever growing market, which is why a pet grooming franchise is a great idea. There are several benefits to choosing pet store franchise opportunities over franchises in other markets.

Pets Create a Hot Industry

When choosing a franchise, the market for the business needs to be the first thing you look at. The pet franchise is a market that is constantly growing. It has well surpassed many other retail industries people often consider for their franchise.

In 2013 this was a $59 billion industry and the projections for the industry continue to grow. Even during the recession a few years back, the pet industry saw a significant increase. Choosing an industry that is recession proof can reduce the risk you assume with the franchise.

Takes the Guess Work Out of Your Business

Unless you have an MBA, chances are business strategy is not your forte. When you choose a franchise this is handled for you. This is essential with pet franchises as some models work while other will not give you the results you need. This can eliminate the stress and frustration of figuring this out on your own (as well as the trial and error process that goes along with this).

Support at Your Fingertips

Another aspect to keep in mind when you choose a pet grooming franchise is the support you receive. This is not something you receive when you buy a business for sale. Having an expert team is a priceless resource. They can teach you things you need to know as well as be there to support you through this process. Every business owner should have this. You will learn how to start your business, how to manage your employees and many other things that are essential to your success.

Built in Marketing

There are several marketing strategies built in with pet store franchise opportunities. You will have the brand recognition which is important for bringing in new customers. With this you will also have a marketing team helping bring new business in. You will have a marketing and business strategy already established and proven to work.  This can save you time and effort to allow you to focus on growing your business.

Fast Start Up

When you start your own business there are a variety of factors you will need to accomplish in order to get the business up and running. When you choose the right pet store franchise opportunities, many of the initial start up tasks are handled for you. This means you can get your business up and running to start making money quicker.

The Satisfaction of Working with Animals

With many businesses it is hard to see the benefit of what you are doing. This can honestly make it hard to enjoy the work you do. When you choose a grooming franchise you will interact with pets on a regular basis which is always fun. On top of this you will get to see the joy of a pet owner when their dog is groomed and looks amazing.

If you want a franchise opportunity that is not only lucrative but that you can have fun with, then the pet industry is the way to go. At Splash and Dash, we have a proven strategy to generate compounding revenue. Give us a call today at 888-815-2284 ext. 301 to find out what we can do for you.