3 Sales Blunders to Avoid with Your Dog Grooming Franchise

Sales are important to the success of any business. Without sales there is no revenue coming in. While this may seem obvious, some dog grooming business owners do not understand the blunders they are making with their sales approach. If you want to improve your customer experience and by proxy improve your sales, then you need to take a good hard look at the business practices you have in place. These are some of the biggest blunders a dog grooming franchise can make in their shops and how you can turn this around.


Raising Your Price but Not the Value in the Dog Grooming Franchise

new-resultsRaising prices is a good way to increase your profit margins as well as cover your costs. It is a common practice in pet franchises and really any business. This could be as simple as charging a pet parent a medium dog price  when their dog is really on the cusp of being small and medium. If you are going to do this, then you need to make sure they see the value in what you are charging. This can be done with not only what you offer for the price but in the customer care they receive. People want to know they are getting value for the money they spend so show them the value or they will quit coming back to your store.


Asking a Disgruntled Customer for a Referral

Sure referrals are gold  for your dog grooming franchise. A person who was referred by a happy customer is statistically more likely to shop and spend more money with your company (and become a regular customer at that). It is a good practice to ask customers for a referral but there is an exception to this. If your customer is unsatisfied with their service or product then you need to worried about how you can make it right rather than asking them to talk about your company because chances are the things they say will not be pleasant.


Acting Like You are Above or Smarter Than Your Customer

shutterstock_223104376Another thing you need to avoid in your dog grooming franchise  is having an air that you are smarter or better than your customers. Even if you know they have no clue what you are talking about, you still do not want to act better than them. This is a great way to start an argument with your customer (which never ends well) and is not in any way providing them with the customer service they are looking for. Also, keep in mind that other customers who are in the store will usually hear this interaction, which can make them not want to come back as well. The point is to provide your customers with a positive customer experience where they feel like they are part of our family and acting better than them will not accomplish this.

These are just a few of the mistakes you may be making with your dog grooming franchise sales process. Take the time to evaluate the way you currently do things and try to find ways that you can improve upon them to ensure a better customer experience which in turn will help to boost sales.