If you’ve been thinking you are unhappy in your current career for a while, it may be time for a change. Instead of looking for a new employer to become a slave under there is another opportunity at hand. Owning a dog grooming business allows you to be your own boss, make your own hours, and decide on your own benefits and retirement. You will receive a flexible schedule based on your needs and desires. Owning your own pet franchise can be a life-changing opportunity if you’re not sure yet that it’s what you want to do, consider if the following have recently happened in your life:

Your Boss Isn’t Rewarding You but is Rewarding Others

It’s always beyond frustrating to work hard at a job that you know you’re good at then to have recognition thrown out the window. No matter what anyone says, every employee wants to be recognized for their hard work. Sometimes it’s the public recognition that is your boss congratulating you in front of your coworkers. Most of the time it’s the added bonus or promotional raise that makes life just a little bit easier. What’s worse is when not only are you passed on for a promotion, but you see someone who doesn’t work as hard being rewarded. If you’ve noticed this in your life, it may be time to consider owning your own dog grooming business.

You Can’t Leave Work at Work

Perhaps you have extra work for that deadline your boss sprung on you or maybe a coworker or your boss are bugging you and when you get home all you can do is talk about work, work, and more work. This may be a sign that your job is eating away at your life. If you find yourself so preoccupied with those you work with or for, it might be time to take control of that. As the owner of a dog grooming business, you would be the person in charge and you would choose who works for you.

You Hate Mondays

Like many of us, Mondays mark the return to the real world. In most office positions, there’s a slow start for you as you wake up, but a fast start for work as everything you didn’t do on Friday slams onto your desk front and center. By owning a dog grooming business you can take a break from the Monday Morning Blues. You set your own hours and there’s a high possibility that you wouldn’t have to work 5 days a week once you got your business up and operating at full capacity.

You See Your Future and You Don’t Like It

Most working people are often looking to the future. They ask themselves, “Where do I see myself in 5 years? Where do I see myself in 10?” If you’ve found yourself asking and answering this question with a less than desirable answer, it may be time to consider investing in a dog grooming business. For many, the 9-5 office job doesn’t have a future. It may not have promotions if your boss keeps overlooking your potential. Your retirement benefits may not be that great. You may also be missing out on huge milestones happening with your children, family, and friends. Owning a pet grooming business allows you to control what you want to attend and what you don’t instead of allowing some employer who may not care about you or your life dictate where you must be and when.