How Do I Get Customers?

It’s Not About How.  It’s About Who.

Win Over the RIGHT Customers Up Front…

The truth is, the pet industry is experiencing such a boom right now, that you won’t have a difficult time generating interest in your business, unless you live in a very low population area.

So the right question to ask isn’t “how can I get customers.” Instead, you should ask “how can I get the BEST customers?”

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In a market of high demand, you’ll make your life a lot easier if you target the right people up front and start building their trust. So who should you go after?

The ideal customer will usually be a middle to upper class pet parent who loves to pamper their dog, and values having a clean dog around the house. They’ll jump at the chance to get regular baths for their dog for a low monthly rate, and then you’ll have them on the hook.

You may worry about unlimited baths costing you money…

In truth, the supplies and labor costs of a bath and brush are extremely small. Your clients monthly payments should easily cover the full cost.

But this is where it gets interesting. Say one of your loyal pet parent customers bring in their poodle for a bath and brush. The owner sees some new treats that you’re displaying in your store, and asks you about their heart-healthy ingredients. After a little explanation, she decides to buy a few packages.

This is where the big revenue comes in. By bringing in the right customers on a regular basis with your membership deal, you can sell merchandise with ease.

Splash and Dash will help you win customers!

At Splash and Dash, we offer several tools to help you get the customers you need to gain the financial freedom you are looking for with a franchise purchase. While the membership is the real jewel of customer acquisition and retention, there are several other ways we can help you build your customer base.

Franchise Support

  • Local website creation and maintenance – We will create a Google ranked website for your location. Along with this you will receive blogs that will help you rank higher and educate the public as well!
  • Help with Social Media – We will create social media accounts for your franchise and help you learn how to handle social media marketing for your franchise.
  • Online Appointment Booking and Support – We are proud to offer online appointment booking for our franchises as well as a live chat feature for customers who need help.
  • Automated Emails – We have many templated emails we send out to our database of customers. Whether they are members, offering them a birthday coupon for their pet, or a customer who has only been in once, we have emails from corporate to help drive traffic to stores.
  • Marketing Templates – We offer the tools to help make your franchise successful since this is why you are buying a pet franchise rather than just starting your own.
  • Ad Templates and Custom Design – We have templates for the ads you run and if you need custom work you can always request this through our CATS software system.
  • Supportive Community – The great thing about our franchise is the communication between corporate as well as among our franchisees. You will have the chance to interact with other franchisees to find out what is working for them to help give you new ideas to try in your store. We also produce a monthly franchise newsletter to keep you up to date on what is going on with the franchise.

When we say that we’re committed to the success of our franchisees, we mean it. We’ll provide you with all of the help and support that we can to ensure that you can start profiting off of your franchise immediately!

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