What Makes Splash and Dash Stand Out From The Competition?

A Lot! Customer Interaction

Unlike most big box or independent pet stores that might see their customers for a few minutes every few months, Splash and Dash provides an affordable monthly membership option that keeps customers coming back more often.

Customers love it because their dogs smell clean and fresh all of the time without breaking the bank.

Franchise owners love it because they earn predictable incomes and get to interact with their customers on a daily basis. They provide a chance for pet lovers to connect, like coffee drinkers connect at Starbucks, and for pets to be treated with care and showered in luxury.

We keep pets and their parents happy by…

  • Using high end products and top-quality services that pets love.
  • Saving pet parents money on frequent bathing expenses.
    • Saving pet owners, the trouble, time and inconvenience of having to wash, shampoo, and drying their pet’s multiple times per month.  We do it for them.
    • Providing pet owners with valuable education that they can use to improve their pet’s quality of life.
    • Convenient and accessible locations
    • No hidden costs
    • Exceptional customer and pet service
    • A strong desire to contribute to the overall well-being of pets
    • Much, much more.

We have Splash and Dash franchised locations across the country yet our facilities still operate with an owner’s touch. We serve our better (furrier) halves, but our success is based comes from good people who care about their customers like they are family.

Enriching The Lives of the Customers and their Pets

Splash and Dash creates a Win – Win – Win for pet owners, pets, and, you!

Pet owners gain a new freedom with Splash and Dash, never having to forgo an afternoon at the beach for fear of a house of muddy paws or an unbudgeted doggy bath. All restrictions are lifted.  Splash and Dash eliminates the fear that comes with allowing dogs to have fun and play the way they should.

As you learn more about Splash and Dash and talk to those in the Splash and Dash family, you will see the long list of benefits, but here are a few more to consider:

  • Loyal Customers for Life – Our customers love our business model, the friendly and caring environment and the fact we contribute to their dog’s well-being the same way they do
  • Financial Freedom – Consistent and predictable recurring revenue with a scalable business model  
  • Flexible Schedule – Want to take a couple days off for a vacation?  As a Splash and Dash franchisee you will have a business model that enables you the freedom to step outside the business and balance your professional and personal life.
  • Independence – As your business grows you have the potential to obtain the financial independence to live your dream lifestyle, and have complete control of your time.
  • And much, much more!  Just ask our existing franchise owners.

Play Dirty, Live Clean

Our motto is… Play Dirty. Live Clean.

We fulfill that motto with our signature memberships, that allows pet owners to bring in their pets for a bath and brush as often as they want.

We also offer premium, high-end products pet parents can trust including, high quality health-boosting, all natural? foods.

With Splash and Dash, pet owners can let their pets have fun, stay healthy and be extra proud of how they look and feel.

A Business That Makes a Difference

We’re proud of the financial advantages that we can provide for our franchisees, but we’re most proud of the difference that our partners make in their communities.

When you open a franchise in your area, you’ll improve the quality of life of pets in your area, and forge meaningful relationships with their owners. Like barbershops of old, locals will come to your Splash and Dash shop to get service they can trust, from people they trust.
Customers get a quaint yet modern experience so they can enjoy the personal neighborhood vibe, but also be energized by the fun and modern décor! Splash and Dash quickly becomes the talk of the town as new Splash and Dash owners actively market their business within the community.

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