Testimonials From Our Employees, Customers and Owners

In business, we’ve all heard the saying “Win-Win”. And in most cases a win-win can be a rewarding experience for your customer and you.

However, with the Splash and Dash for Dogs program in place at your shop, you’ll experience a new level of business success called the Triple Win Effect (Win-Win-Win). This is the basic idea that the Customer, Employees and you the owner all Win or benefit from the relationship.

To get a better idea of our Triple Win Effect, watch the following video from an employee at a local shop which offers the Splash and Dash for Dogs Program:

After hearing Jeanie talk about making more money in commissions and how she engages each customer in a conversation, I’m sure you’re thinking that’s a win in itself.

However, now listen to what customers actually enrolled in the program have to say.

WOW! Customers raving about the program, an employee who loves to talk about the program, does it get any better?

Here comes the Triple Win Effect. Listen to 2 owners tell you about their personal experience with Splash and Dash for Dogs.

Let’s Sumarize the “TRIPPLE WIN EFFECT”

WIN: Employees rave about Splash and Dash and enjoy selling the program!

WIN: Customers rave about Splash and Dash and its great value!

WIN: Shop Owners rave how Splash and Dash has changed their lives!

Experience for yourself, the power of the “Triple Win Effect!”

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